Weibo advertising

Only companies can be allowed to advertise on weibo, and sina weibo usually cost a lot more than QQ weibo, because its verification fees costs pretty much, so i suggest you start with QQ weibo advertising.

There are 2 most popular microblogs in China, which are Sina weibo and Tencent weibo. Sina Weibo owns 600 millions Chinese users. And Tencent Weibo owns 540 millions users.

Sina Weibo has 129.1 million monthly active users, and 66.6 million average daily active users. Over 2.8 billion feeds were shared on Weibo in December 2013, including 2.2 billion feeds with pictures, 81.7 million feeds with short videos and 21.5 million feeds with songs.


Tencent Weibo/QQ Weibo owns 540 millions users. 85 million average daily active users, 1.7 billion impressions for brands. Tencent is famous for QQ, which dominates China online chatting services. QQ covers 90% of Chinese netizens. It has 800 millions monthly active users.


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