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Nowadays, robust host means more and more important to Baidu SEO. If your site happens to lots of mistakes on disconnections, it will be a disaster to your keywords rankings in Baidu, because search engines including Baidu care much about site performance and user experience these days.

Why host website in China

  • Your IP address belongs to China, Baidu maybe offer your site much more weight when it comes to ranking.
  • Chinese visitors can open your website pages with a faster speed.

Years ago, a research found that every second of delay in page loading time can result in a 7% decrease of online sales. Conversely, a report said that each one second improvement in page load times yields a 3% increase in conversion rates.

  • Localizing your website in China will get you more trust. As we know, trust is very important for business.

How to host web site in China

  1. Decide which city to host your website in China
  2. Select a good ISP(Internet service provider/hosting service provider) provider in China
  3. Select a meaningful Chinese domain
  4. Pick up a hosting service according to your requirements
  5. Apply Chinese ICP license through your ISP
  6. Launch your website after you get Chinese ICP license

As far as I know, if you don’t have a registered company in China, you could not get your site hosted in China mainland. However, you could host it in Hongkong.


  1. Independent IP is best
  2. Speed is very important
  3. Ask your ISP for muti-line host(in Chinese, we call it 多线)

Web host service provider in China

  1. Their English website address is which is the best and largest web host service provider in China

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