Chinese keywords research

There are many ways to research Chinese keywords when it comes to Baidu SEO/China SEO. Nowadays, keywords research is not limited to search keywords any more. It also includes social keywords research. Here are listed as many ways of Chinese keywords research as possible, which I hope that you could better understand Chinese keywords research.

Search keywords research

1. Take use of Baidu keywords research tool

Baidu Keywords Research Tool is integrated in Baidu’s pay-per-click advertising platform Baidu PPC Phoenix Nest, if you want to use it, you have to sign up for a Baidu PPC account. It seems similar with accessing the keyword research tool in Google AdWords.

2. Jinhua keyword research tool

This tool is developed by the other company not Baidu, but it’s the tool I would like to recommend to you. It offers more useful information of Chinese keywords than the keyword tool in Baidu PPC platform which only offers 3 items.

3. Take use of “Baidu Index”

4. Check Baidu Top

5. Check Baidu related search

6. Check Baidu dropdown list of search box


Except the first 2 tools, the others are better used to decide the main keywords for us when we do Chinese keyword research.

Social keyword research


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