Tips in 2015

I am Anita, Baidu SEO specialist. I have been summarizing my Baidu SEO experiences into the following tips, I hope it is useful for your Baidu SEO.

Baidu SEO tips in 2015 that Anita shares with you

Basic Baidu SEO tips

1. Get a short meaningful domain,  .com, .cn and is all OK.

2. Host your site in China mainland or Hongkong

3. Buy a steady, fast and muti-lined host from famous ISP in China

4. Prepare ICP license for your Chinese site

5. Language should be in simplified Chinese, and content should be mandarin

6. Do not include any dirty words or the words attacking Chinese government. You should also avoid linking directly to websites that contain such content.

7. Increase the  inbound links which has related content with your site. In past, Baidu preferred Link Quantity to Quality; now Baidu prefers “related”.

8. When you do link building for Baidu SEO, only building backlinks with targeted keywords in simplified Chinese websites count.

9. Original quality content, this is all search engines prefer.

10. Do Pay Per Click advertising in Baidu to find the qualified Chinese keywords for your site.

11. Promote your site in Baidu Social network and Weibo, which can be shown as search results.

12. On Page Optimization, optimize the html tags in simplified Chinese in your source code. This is also similar to Google SEO.

Stay tuned, there will be more good to share with you.

Technical Baidu SEO tips

1. If your site has been replaced fully by the new one, it will take at least 1 month for Baidu to index the new pages.

2. The Baidu SEO is a magic thing, it is not decided by how much work you have done, it is decided by the results of every changes you have made. You need to check every changes after you do to your site, then decide the next steps.

3. Baidu SEO is different from Google SEO, the old domain for Baidu is not better than a new domain, because Baidu weight is not decided by the history as important as Google, it is decided by Baidu traffic, so, however old the domain is, as long as it is completely changed, it is not so usefull for Baidu SEO.

4. 301 redirection seems no useful for Baidu SEO. I have used 301 redirection from to, one day has been in Baidu sandbox, all the rankings of disappeared. However, the rankings of has still been there, maybe you think only the homepage of has been punished by Baidu, but we have told Baidu by 301 redirection that is now, why does Baidu still differentiate from

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