Baidu SEO service

Baidu is the No1 search engine in China and the top player in the internet advertising market as well. It is the best of choice for any business looking for ways to tap into the fast growing Chinese market. Baidu covers 95% of the about 600 million Chinese Internet users.

My name is Anita, I am a Baidu SEO expert. I am providing guaranteed Baidu Search Engine Optimization service, which will help your business found in China market. Google covers search market of the most countries in the world, but it lost her China mainland market to Baidu, expecially since Google gave up China mainland in 2010. Baidu dominates almost 90% of the online searches in China. It can drive traffic and increase revenues obviously for your websites and business.

With my knowledge about Baidu SEO and Chinese marketing, I can give you a higher success rate. With all the Baidu SEO agencies out there I stand out by offering great creativity, prompt service, lower price, and better quality.

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Feel free to ask me, it’s my pleasure to answer your questions!

Objectives of Baidu SEO

  • Improve your website performance in Baidu
  • Increase the visibility of your website and the click-through rate in China
  • Get your target keywords ranked to the 1st search results page in Baidu
  • Improve the conversion rate of Chinese website

Guaranteed Service of Baidu SEO

Our service offers reasonable guarantees to make sure your profits.

  1. The reasonable price
  2. The reasonable keywords rankings
  3. The reasonable traffic

Other services I provide,

  • Service of translating your website into Chinese
  • Service of helping your site hosted in China
  • Service of helping you get the Chinese ICP license
  • Service of Baidu keyword research
  • Service of Chinese link building (Hot)
  • Service of Chinese article creation (Hot)
  • Baidu PPC management service
  • Sina Microblog advertising service

Whether your business is big or small, feel free to send me an email to ask for a proposal, you will find my Baidu SEO & Baidu PPC service is the most cost-effective service in China.

Contact me now:
Feel free to ask me, it’s my pleasure to answer your questions!


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