Chinese search engines penetration in 2014

The Chinese search engine market pattern remained basically stable in 2014. In the second
half of 2014, Baidu was used by 92.1% of search engine users. The second most frequently used search engine was Soso/Sogou, with a penetration rate of 45.8%, and the next was 360, with a penetration rate of 38.6%.

The penetration rates of Shenma and Easou are much lower, both dedicated to mobile search, were 3.5% and 1.9% respectively.

Similar brand performance was also seen on the mobile-end comprehensive search engine market, where Baidu as the biggest brand enjoyed a utilization ratio of 90.3%, followed by Soso/Sogou and 360 search engines, 29.7% and 21.9% respectively.



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