Steady DNS is very important to Baidu SEO

To local SEO, host, DNS and page loading speed seem not to be big problems to SEO, because sites are always hosted locally, in your countries, in your cities, even in your own companies.

Recently Baidu received many feedbacks from webmasters of which sites  disappeared from Baidu index. After investigation, most of the sites used *.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, which is the DNS of Godaddy, this DNS happened to unsteady problems, Baiduspider often fails to parse the IP of it, in Baidu’s opinion, it is a dead site.

Baidu has found many cases that many small DNS providers block the request from Baiduspider or the abroad DNS servers are unsteady.

Large host providers in mainland China can offer steady DNS service, such as dnspod, to make sure your site can be parsed steadily.

In fact, punishment from Baidu happens to all unsteady servers not only to Godaddy.

When doing Baidu SEO,  people certainly prefer to host in China, but they know little about these ISPs in China. Bad service often cause lots of problems.

I happened to unsteady DNS case that the site ranking disappeared in one night. The client host its site in Hongkong as I suggested, but the site happened to many mistakes when baiduspiders tried to crawl it.

Unsteady DNS and slow page loading speed are totally disasters to Baidu SEO. Baidu has a tool which can show us the mistakes that happen to DNS and connection to sites, so we can clearly know when it happens.

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