A new Baidu SEO plugin for WordPress

I think you don’t want to miss a Baidu SEO plugin for WordPress. Are you feeling as follows?

1. It is very slow for articles in websites that based on WordPress to be indexed by Baidu.
2. Not all pages can be indexed.

Now, try this Baidu SEO plugin for WordPress, which is published by Baidu Inc. in February, 2014. Since March 27,2014,  it has been ready to be used by webmasters. It is easy to help you solve the problems above, what’s more, it can get your content more impressions, which may increase your click through rate.

Advantages :

After you install the plugin successfully,

  1. It can traverse all content on your website, automatically generate sitemap and submit the sitemap to Baidu, which can make sure Baidu indexes all old content on your site.
  2. Every time you publish new content, it will notice Baidu, which can make baidu index your pages faster.
  3. Make your content get more impressions and clicks in Baidu search results pages.

Download it here:Baidu SEO plugin for WordPress

3 steps to install Baidu SEO plugin for WordPress

Step 1, Download the plugin, extract to WordPress’s wp-content/plugins/
Step 2, Activate “baidusubmit” plugin in the backend of WordPress
Step 3, Verify the website address

Attention: everytime you update the site, there may be something wrong, it may be caused by this “baidusubmit” plugin, you could ignore the problem, or stop to use the plugin until it updates.

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