Be careful if images added in Baidu search results

Recently, Baidu added some images before some search results, these images sometimes can improve user search experience, as known to all, image tells story better than words, so that users can better know the theme of web pages in a short time, then they can quickly enter into the detailed pages.


In another aspect, this combination can also bring more clicks for webmasters. More and more webmasters are testing this with their websites. We need to choose good and relative images for our content pages.

Advice as follows,
1. At present, we only need to insert the relative images in our body text, Baidu will automatically recognize it and match it with our page content. Later Baidu will make it more regular
2. The image size should close to 121:75
3. The images should be relative with the content, if images have been found bad by Baidu, your images will not be shown in its search results, even you will get as follows,
A.  your images ignored    B.  your URL order degraded     C.  your whole site degraded

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