Baidu snapshot and search rankings

Usually we think Baidu search rankings has something with Baidu snapshot update, the faster Baidu snapshot updates, the better Baidu search ranking we can get, and vice versa.

Actually speaking, the frequency of the snapshot update has no direct relation with Baidu search ranking or Baidu SEO, which has been published on Baidu webmaster on Sep 5,2012.

Why Baidu snapshot updates?

Frequency of Baidu indexing pages and frequency of Baidu snapshot update are 2 different things. Baidu will regularly check updates on every site it has indexed, usually, the speed of indexing by Baiduspider and the speed of generating new content by site are the same. When some content has been indexed by Baidu, if it has time value or has been marked important, its Baidu snapshot will be updated.

Why Baidu snapshot steps back?

An important webpage has many snapshots which are kept in the datebase of Baidu, everytime is a different time when Baidu updates. In a special situation, the search engine system would choose the snapshot which has different time with the current one, as a result, the snapshot steps back, but it doesn’t have any impact on Baidu search rankings or it doesn’t mean your site has been degraded by Baidu.

In a word, snapshot update is associated with important content updating, that’s to say, it has nothing with Baidu weight and punishment. So Baidu says that webmasters needn’t care much about the time of snapshot.

1,  The truth is, if your Baidu snapshot is not the latest date, no one would like to exchange links with you.

2,  If you changed your host, you would happen to get your Baidu snapshot step back.

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