Other items which need to be included in Baidu SEO

Lots of western people ask me what is anything else or anything special for Baidu SEO except the usual “SEO” as they know.

Here are some of the items you maybe know (based on the limited knowledge of Baidu):

  • Site submission
  • Sitemap submission
  • Utilising Chinese characters within metadata
  • HTML coding review (is it Baidu friendly?)
  • On-page SEO recommendations (e.g Keyword performance)
  • Baidu webmaster tools setup and management
  • Inbound linking strategy / link building and implementation

Most western people want me to advise other items which need to be included in the Baidu SEO optimisation, now I summarized as follows,

Website loading speed checking and server relocation

>>9 in 10 western websites have problems on connection speed when Chinese visits, and most will have to remove their sites to Hongkong because it is the only city where you don’t need to apply ICP license in China, which is a permission for launching websites in China mainland.

>>Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube can’t be accessed by most Chinese visitors through normal ways, if you have any signs from these sites, there will be ugly blank spaces on your websites.

>>Both .cn domain and .com domain are OK for Baidu SEO, that you can see most websites have best rankings in Baidu are using .com domains.

>>Be careful when using Google plugins which can slow your website’s connection speed in China. Google in China always has kinds of problems on accessing, especially slow loading speed or it can’t be opened.

Optimize your Chinese content and create new Chinese content regularly

>>Most websites, which have been translated from English to Chinese, have terrible Chinese on the sites, even the companies located in China for years still have the same problems on translations. So correcting translations on site becomes very important.

Internal link optimization

Publish videos on popular Chinese video websites

Baidu social networking

Chinese user experience optimization

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