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These 2 years, Baidu SEO has changed a lot, lots of “clever methods” don’t work any more, however, what has not changed from the start is the basic and most important SEO skills. The following are the suggestions published from Baidu on September 12, 2013.

1. Simple site structure is better for Baidu SEO

Baidu Spider crawling web equals to doing vector ergodic process, so that’s why a simple site structure is always the favorite structure to Baidu spiders. We should keep the site as readable as we can.

a) The best tree structure is “homepage–list page–detailed page”

b) The structure from flat structured homepage to detailed page should be as simple as possible, which is not only more friendly to Baidu but also can deliver more weight to other pages.

c) Netted structure can make sure that there is a direct text link to every page, which can let the site pages be indexed by Baidu as many as possible. Internal links building also can have a positive effect on the order of Baidu ranking.

d) Navigations can let the visitors on every page know where they should go next more easily.

e) Many webmasters have doubts on choosing sub domains or folders, in my opinion, if the content is not much but has good relativity, creating folders will be better on inheriting the weight. If there is a lot of content but the content lacks of relativity, sub domains will be your better choice.

2、Simple readable URL rules for Baidu SEO

a) Keep website with unique page URLs, too many different forms of URLs will distract the weight of your web pages, and you may be at a risk at being filtered out from Baidu’s indexing systems.
b) Simple dynamic URLs should keep as little parameters as possible, and as short as possible.
c) Simple readable URLs can let visitors and Baidu know the theme of the page.
Baidu suggests the following URL forms,

  • Using short Pinyin as folders’ names
  • Make the URLs uniqueness and clear away meaningless parameters
  • If can’t keep URLs uniqueness, do 301 redirect for all different forms of URLs to one target unique URL
  • Do 301 redirect from easily mistaken domains to main domain

3、Other suggestions for Baidu SEO

  • Do not ignore the robots.txt file, usually some websites have a default option that disallow Baidu spiders indexing activities. Have a check at it in time, write it in a good format, and check it regularly.
  • Create sitemap and check broken links, and submit to Baidu webmaster platform in time.
  • Some shopping websites have location redirect problems, whether you have goods or not, you should only create one page, or the page can’t be indexed correctly because of the limited entrance of Baidu spiders.
  • Take use of the robots, sitemap, index information, broken links submitting tool, website update tool and so on in Baidu webmaster platform.

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