Green Radish 2.0 tips of Baidu SEO link building

Green Radish 2.0 focuses on news websites which distributes Chinese articles, which let us have to think about link building by article distribution.

Baidu will punish article trading websites, article distribution websites and websites which has been linked from articles distribution sites.

The way of punishment by Baidu,

1. Kick out the websites which trade articles.

2. Degrade spammy article distribution sites, even kick them out from Baidu index

3. If a website has several links through article distribution, it will be degraded; if it has plenty of links through article distribution, it will be kicked out from Baidu index.

4. Please pay attention to the following 16 websites, which have spammy article distribution activities and have already been recorded by Baidu. Some foreigners have contacted me to try to buy articles and links from these websites, this is the reason why I have refused them.

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