SEO for Baidu, problems on hostings

When SEO for Baidu, kinds of problems will happen, please let me tell you something about hosting problems I meet in my Baidu SEO life.

Lots of my clients’ websites have a lower connection speed in China mainland, every client has his or her own solution, some get it right but  some get it complicated.

Make sure your site is stable when you use CDN

One of my clients chooses to use a solution called CDN (Content Delivery Network), which seems to be a plug-in and can be easily installed on his server. While it is unstable, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. The Internet Explorer always tells “Oops, Internet Explorer could not find www.*********.com”. It is bad to Baidu SEO, if it happens to be crawled by Baidu spider, the spider will think the links are broken and will never crawl them again or at least for sometime. And when this happens, my client has not found any clue in his server log, so he doesn’t know how to solve the problem, finally, he has bought a new hosting in Hongkong.

Choose a independent domain and server for your Chinese website

1 or 2 years a ago, .cn domain could only be bought by Chinese companies. Nowadays, everyone can easily buy a .cn domain. Whatever you use it or not, it doesn’t have much impact on SEO for Baidu. However, what really matters, it is where you host your Chinese website. Apparently, host in mainland China is your best choice.

While I suggest you separate your English version site from Chinese, the more focused your website is, the better search ranking you can get in Baidu.

One of my clients wants his English site to be accessed faster in China, he copies his English website onto his Chinese server, actually speaking it is OK, but he uses one domain for 2 version of websites, and, and the 2 has been controled by 301 redirects from and, don’t you think the relation is too confusing? and are the same in English, so he uses robots.txt to stop Baidu from indexing. Whatever he makes is too confusing to figure out the situation.

If you happen to have the same thought and situation with him, please find another better way to manage this, after all you want your Chinese website to get a good ranking in Baidu. The fact is that the competition is more and more fierce in China, how you can compete rankings with thousands of local Chinese websites in Baidu, if you can’t focus on your Chinese version of website.

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