About Anita

Welcome to my Chinese marketing blog!

Who am I?

My name is Anita. I’m a Chinese marketing expert, who is very skilled at performance marketing in China. if you want to get a high ROI, feel free to contact me!

I’ve always been leading to do the Chinese marketing for dozens of clients, who come from US, UK, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Canda, Korea, Cyprus, Cuba, Israel, Ukraine, Spain, Singapore and Hongkong.

I have worked as marketing director in several companies in China, wherever I am, I can always achieve the highest marketing ROI for the companies.

And I am also the founder of 3 websites as follows,

  1. www.seo-ppc.org (in 2011)
  2. www.ppc-china.net (in 2011)

My Specialties: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Media Buying, Email Marketing, Social networking, DSP ads , mobile marketing, Trade Show, Website Optimization, Web Tracking and Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization,Performance marketing

Why choose me?

1, I’m an experienced expert who have worked as marketing directors for many companies and have lots of successful case studies.

2, My service fee is much cheaper than the salary of a normal specialist in China.

3, I can offer more expert ideas, even the whole plan of the Chinese marketing.

4, I am better for you who want to lauch Chinese marketing at the initial stage.

5, I am better for you who haven’t got good marketing results in China yet.

6, Cheaper payment with effective service and good Chinese marketing insight.

7, I don’t charge any fee for openning all advertising account.

I only pay attention on performance marketing in China, with my experience, of which the channels can bring you real leads and sales.

I am very flexible and I don’t mind any cooperation ways, such as full time, part time, doing together and so on.

Feel free to contact me, I will be very happy to get your message.

Where do I locate?

I locate in Beijing, the capital of China.

Can you come to China to visit me?

Of course, you can. It’s my pleasure.

How can you contact me?

  • Email: zhengzhizhong@163.com
  • Phone: 86+18610008563
  • Skype: anitazhengzz
  • Wechat: anitazhengzz
  • QQ : 306091192

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